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Cherry Ripe Marshmallows

Cherry Ripe Marshmallows

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Cherry Ripe

Cherry Ripe marshmallows chunky and crunchy in all the best ways, bursting with flavour. It features double layered cherry and chocolate marshmallow swirled with coconut pieces and topped with delicious choc chips

Packet of 6 marshmallows

sugar, glucose, gelatine (halal beef), water, salt, cornflour cherry flavouring, colourings (122), coconut, Milk Chocolate: Sugar, vegetable fat, milk solids cocoa powder, emulsifiers (soya Lecithin 476, 492) Flavour, cocoa solids 7% milk solids 21%. Chocolate topping:  Water, sugar, maize thickener (1442), cocoa powder, chocolate flavour, food acid (330), salt, vegetable gum(415), 
preservatives (202, 223), colours (155, 102, 122, 133).