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Caring for your FLOWERS at home

We all love flowers, and want to help them live as long as they can. Whether you purchase flowers yourself or receive a surprise delivery from My Little Flower Shoppe, there are things you can do to increase their life. 

Most flowers last between 5 and 7 days, depending on the level of care. Care instructions will differ depending on the arrangement, so follow the directions below for specifics. Here are some basic pointers to get you started. Do not worry if the flowers look a little tired from their journey. With fresh water and a good trim they will perk up. 

 Be aware of where you place your arrangement; factors such as sunlight, heat, air conditioner and drafts can affect the life of your flowers. Make sure your flowers have a daily supply of water. This means topping them up when the water gets low. Cleaning the vase completely every two days will ensure clean fresh drinking water for your flowers. 

Follow the care instructions below for your specific arrangements Here is the best way to prepare your bouquets and posies once you get them home.  When arranging your flowers choose a clean vase with fresh water. For shorter stemmed flowers use a shallower vase to give the arrangement structure. The vase should be tall enough to cover up to half of the stems. Remember, you can always trim the stems to make your flowers fit. Clean your vase thoroughly making sure you get rid of any soapy residue. Fill the vase with fresh water, for the best results ensure the water is not ice cold. The water should cover 10 - 15 centre-meters of the flower stems Carefully remove the packaging from the flowers.

Every bunch of flowers My Little Flower Shoppe send out for delivery will be wrapped with luxurious paper and a water bag. The water bag is a little bubble of fresh water at the bottom of the flower stems to keep flowers drinking throughout the delivery process. 

With a sharp pair of scissors, cut 2 - 3 centre-meters from the stems. Make sure you cut the stems at a 45 degree angle. This creates a larger surface area allowing the stem to absorb water more rapidly. Avoid cutting through nodes on the flower stems - these appear as almost 'knuckle' like sections on the stem length. 

Before you place the flowers in the water, strip any foliage from the stems that would otherwise be in the water. Greenery such as this is a major contributor to bacteria in the water. You shouldn't have any left over foliage at water level, but it is always good to double check. Place your flowers in the vase and create the perfect arrangement. 

Display the flowers in a cool location away from drafts, direct sunlight, heaters, air conditioners, and fresh fruit. Though this last one might sound odd, as it ages fruit releases ethylene gas, which can trigger the early death of fresh flowers. At least every 2 days add fresh water. If scum develops on the inside of the vase, remove the flowers, clean the vase, and fill it with clean water. Flowers are gifts to us from Mother Nature Most importantly, please remember to enjoy your flowers!

Beautiful. Calm. Kindness

Many eyes go through the meadow, but few see the flowers in it.” It’s easy to get caught up in all of the noise and chaos that surrounds us daily—we often forget to stop and appreciate the beautiful (often little) things that are consumed by the noise. Even though we’re in the midst of World chaos at the moment, it still doesn’t hurt to take a note from the old proverb: “take time to smell the roses.”

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